Art Sail Training!? Finally we are here!

Finally we have opened own web-sites for art sail training!

It is about ideas, thoughts and dreams of unofficial and official sail training and adventures in the archipelago and Ålands Seas. It’s about exploring the magnificent of life itself. It’s art, it’s beauty, and it’s here!

You can sail with us, even though we schedule our ideas for youth camps and sail training. Maybe you’re an artist and can bring something in while we sail?

We’re just new and much is unorganized, but stay tuned if sailing, adventures and youth camps in the archipelago sounds interesting. We will get there some day, now we need your help. Share, like and discuss fb @artsailtraining and instagram artsailtraining, #Fareata #Taivaanrannansurffarit

– the captain Ja



ps. Some thoughts you want to share privately? We hear you here ->


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