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Cold Gear Check List

To sail with sy Fareata


Cold Sailing in the Archipelago (1-3 days trip)

  • Warm, windproof & preferably rainproof clothing
  • Multi-layer dressing is the rule!
  • Wool as material recommended! It keeps warm even when wet.
  • Gloves, hats, beanies, puffs & scarfs… many, spare too.  Covering your all head and face is important!
    • You get sailing gloves loan on board. Take (at least) one pair of woolen 5-finger type of gloves underneath to keep fingers warm in the glove, and one pair another winter gloves to use for spare.
    • Wind leaks easily from neck to clothes. This if what makes you fast cold. Tight neck well!
  • Preferably too much than too less clothes!
  • ”Hand-warmers” may save a day (or toes)!
  • Sitting-mattress saves your butt!
  • By ”Over-dressing” your body you can keep easily your fingers & toes warm!
  • Clothes ON before you’re cold – ”lost” heat is not easy to get back
  • Keep yourself comfortable and fill your needs: eat, drink, sleep, pee!
  • More info here on cold precautions

    At the Sea it’s always much more cold than on land or in the city! The cold effect of the wind is therefore easy to underestimate!

Good winter-jacket can make it, although windproof and warm clothing is very essential! The wind must not leak in anywhere on the jacket or pants.


  • Drinking bottle
  • Multilayer clothing
  • Sunglasses and snowboarding glasses (if you have)
  • Head-light
  • Positive, eager attitude;)
  • There are hot drinks served on board. For your own favorite hot drink, please have your own thermos-can with you.
  • Good to Know  – check also our general guidelines of our sailing trips when coming on board!

These cold season tips are valid any time from autumn to spring or whenever temperature goes below +15 C! Wind makes the air feel much more cold than what it actually is!

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