Jasper Armanto


Watchkeeping rating engine, deck II/4 and III/4 ,

Cadet, Deck Officer

Being at the Sea since 2011, I’ve worked on many different kind of ships and vessels, mostly inshore traffic. So rivers and archipelago Seas are familiar to me, and I collect my 360 unlimited Sea Days (over 500 GT) for Master Education, in one of the most leader-maritime school in the North region, Novia UAS, Aboa Mare, Turku, Finland.

I am looking for ”full-time” job position as a Watchekeeping rating II/4, III/4, on unlimited sea areas.

Latest Working history at the Seas

IMG_2231 - the ship.JPG

m/v Africa Mercy , 2018
Cadet, Deck Officer
World Largest Hospital Ship, world wide, 3120*4 kW , 16.071 t GT
*Recommendations by 1st Officer/Captain Mr. Virgil Elkinton,  virgilelkinton@outlook.com


m/v Sophia B , 2014-2015
m/v Greta , 2014-2015
Deck rating / Cadet, Deck Officer
Bulk/ cargo 800t, archipelago Finland
*Recommendations by Captain/Company CEO Åke Gustafsson, +358 40 835 7007


m/v Meri, 2016
Cadet, Deck Officer
Special Cargo, 3*1200 kW , 3380 GT



+358 50 4690646

Contacts elsewhere



I care about the world, others and myself, and by all the good manner, I love harmony and sufficient life.
I work hard, and I am known as the the “Super-Cadet” on world’s largest hospital ship m/v Africa Mercy.
I have lived in a sailing boat since 2 years, that Sea Captain Åke Gustafsson gave me after me working on his two archipelago bulk vessels, Greta and Sophia B. Today I am studying for Officer ticket and Master education in Novia UAS, Aboa Mare, Turku.

I desire individual growth and professional development, as a key to success.  I master social life and been living in wide number of communities on land as on board ships, today building a community around my boat.

Beside I love sports & healthy life, I eat vegetarian food. I am great at kitchen – if needed on small ships, I am excellent to assist in cooking. I love to photograph, while it makes the ship environment alive and story-telling.

I manage ships’ maintenance tasks, cargo & mooring operations.

Course & CoP details

I have valid CoP for

  • Basic Safety VI/1
  • Survival Crafts and Rescue Boats other than FRB VI/2.1
  • Advanced Fire fighting VI/3
  • Medical First Aid VI/4.1
  • Medical Care VI 4.2
  • Designated Security Duties VI/6.4

I have valid GMDSS Radio Operator’s Certificate among a number of other course Certificates. I have valid Seaman Medical Certificate (11/2019) and all other relevant documents ready to show. I am happy to hear from you.



Photos (C) Jasper Armanto