~ S/Y Fareata ~

sailing ship fareata

Sailing Yacht


Capacity: 8 people Day Cruising // 4 visitors for overnight stay (3*double beds in all)

 Contacts: Jasper Armanto

Phone +358-50-4690646

artsailtraining ( at ) gmail.com

Owner: Åke Gustafsson / Ålands

Sloop-type sailing boat


2 cabins separated by curtain, Toilet with septic system, space-full lounge, life-jackets for all (a few sizes also for kids), safety lines, whistles & sailing gloves for loan during your stay on-board.

GPS, jolly boat, paper chart navigation, 300 l Fresh Water + additional canisters, 12 V electricity with solar panel (USB-charging option for phone); Gas cooker and cozy, space-full lounge which acts as cabin/bed for 2 people (main crew)

Type Atch 1070
Hull number P65

2016 installed Nanni Kubota 38hp (29kW) auxiliary diesel engine ⛵️

Her Story

The name ”fareata” comes from Polynesian languages and it means ”house in a heaven” or ”home in heaven”. It is also a name for an island at the Pacific Ocean, where the name maybe origins for the boat. A tale tells that the original owner had a dream to sail to this island with the the new build sailing boat Fareata.

The boat is built in France in 1986, designed by Dominique Provin. What happened to the dream, nobody knows, we only know that a Finnish man Åke Gustafsson bought the boat in early 90s’, and sailed her here up to Finnish archipelago waters. Ever since the boat remained within these cold latitudes, at least according to my knowledge. Åke run high-class chartering business for French people during the early 21th century, installed oil stove and lived in the boat also during winter time.

Fareata is build for ocean cruising; she’s 10,6 meters long, steel hull, isolated with oil-heater and suitable even for frost season sailings. Her displacement of 8,5 tons is relatively heavy, but it makes her very stable, safe and gives a comfortable feeling. Mr. Gustafsson nearly donated the boat for me in the late 2016 for sharing sail experiences since Fareata remained five years unoccupied getting wasted at the end of a mooring buoy in the water.

Today I am living in the boat having no other home, also over the cold times of the year and sail as long as ice does not become too thick to go.


Come to Sail

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