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Welcome to Sail! 🙂

Here is our guidelines and Terms of Condition when joining a trip.

Note: these terms in English below are only a translation of the original text written in finnish. Errors and minor changes might appear in the translation, i.e. due belated up-dating. In case of disagreement, it is the original text (in finnish) to be discussed. You can find the original text here.

We share what we love to do.

Sailing is an active experiment learning new things, getting close to people and living under the forces of the nature. Our method is Try-and-Learn, where everyone will have a chance to challenge themselves and act as active member of the team. Knots, sails handling, navigating and steering are just a start of it. With us you are in safe hands to learn skills in relaxed cruising and will spend great time at islands – no matter what alike voyage you join. Most of our voyages are All-inclusive trips including great & tasty vegetarian meals and some drinks, but all supplies, as food, can be discussed. Everone is welcomed from beginner level to intermediate sailors!


You join as a Crew

  1. Join with good attitude & cheerful mind. That’s the rule no. 1
  2. You join always as a Crew Member, no matter what type of trip it is.
    This means certain tasks, especially on longer trips,  above and below deck: cleaning, cooking & food services, rope- & sail handling, navigating, steering etc etc… We will always guide and teach you, there will be no need to do anything alone. Together we’re more!

    Depending on the type of trip,
    there may be fewer tasks to do – i.e. compared one day & all-inclusive birthday event to a low cost crew placement. All the tasks is nothing but to ensure clean and safe environment and handling of the boat where each Crew Member may participate.
  3. Things to take? More detailed here but shortly here:
    • Water-bottle
    • Sunglasses and sun cream
    • Little snacks/ food
    • Warm clothes

      And for longer trips, also:

    • Towel and swimming pants
    • Soft bag (avoid hard-covered suitcases)
    • Head light with spare batteries
    • Little Towel for hands * (there are restricted possibility to wash laundry on boat – own towels increase hygieny level making our job easier!)
    • Sheets* for bed, pillow and a sleeping bag . Sheets are mandantory to use in the bed. If you does not bring your own, the rent for sheets are 20e/ bed. *
      * Deluxe / all-inclusive trip = all sheets and towels are included in the prize, so you do not need to bring your own.
  4. SIGN IN your details well before the trip. This makes our job easier when preparing and need to contact you in urgent matters. (each person must sign in their details and comprehend these guidelines min. 24 hours prior to the departure. Sign-in details after that time might end up you losing your placement).
  5. FOOD & ALLERGIES : We cannot guarantee 100% safe environment for strictly allergic or hypersensitive people due very limited space in the boat. We can, however, take into account of small limits in food (allergies) if treatment is not severe and you let us know about it early enough by the sign-in form (above).
  6. Sailing is safe and much enjoyable when prepared well – in the basics, it is an extreme sport. In a good weather it doesn’t feel much, but in more rough weather skill, experience and preparation starts to play bit of a role. Enjoyment and comfort is one part of safety as well. Please read carefully info we provide below when joining any trip.


  1. Pay the the fee as we have agreed before the trip. (mobilepay, pivo, paypal, direct transfer).
  2. We are individuals chartering out home-boat based on shared economics.
    • You always join with your own full responsibility. We take no claims on accidents or any type of losses (expect where a good seamanship and the international or Finnish maritime law puts the skipper in responsibility towards his Crew), even though we face them with a good heart should a thing ever happen (incidents never happened).
    • What we ask for a prize includes normally ”full service” meals, harbor fees, training/familiarization, and loan gear for the crew. The prize also includes very tremperate contribution for our cook/ trained sail assistant, the skipper and for mainentance for the boat. Furthermore, we have to include taxes, accounting fees and possible invoicing fees. What we ask for contribution or as a prize, is extremely reasonable, and does not give us a full living. Still, our work is 24/7 type including several days for planning, preparations and regular maintenance and gear investments. I assume you understand this and respect what we do by all the means. (You can also look for other charter boats for rent in Finland here or here and see if they meet your needs better).
  3. COMPANIES and organizations can be request a trip through our Doerz Community page (20% invoicinf fee included for Doerz), or I may invoice You using a finnish invoicing company like omapaja.fi (24% VAT included).
  4. Cancellations: Arranging a trip brings us always costs, sometimes even weeks before. These costs include food planning, port fees, excessive reserve & supply, boat transfer travels, voyage planning etc etc. Therefore we ask for a Reservation Fee which is not returned in case of cancellation later than 14 days of the begin of the trip. (During COVID-19 restrictions this limit is lowered to 7 days)
    • Cancellations before 14 days of the beginning of the trip, we held 5% (or 10e as minimum) as a refund fee.
    • FORCE MAJEURE situations: If weather, urgent engine failure, skipper’s disease, or other similar severe matter prevents the boat from leaving the harbor as planned, we find you alternative days for the trip with no additional expences. If this is not possible, you are entitled for a full return (exluding 5% or 10e as a refund fee) of the paid prize from our side. We are no responsible for the Crew for any losses due change of plans, i.e. travels to the boat or back home, even in urgent cancallation cases.
  5. Weather reservation: hard wind (or ice during winter) 14 m/s or over will delay/cancel the trip (8m/s for children and if larger group). This is a good reference but the final say is always on the Skipper – he may cancel/stop the trip at any time due any safety related concerns.

Facilities and Food

  1. On long trips, we serve (commonly prepared) well tasty & delicious vegetarian meals (breakfast, meal, evening snack + snacks/lunch). A’la Carte Fareata can be requested on any special trips for additional prize (ie. birthday trips). ”Common Table” is also much favorable – we offer hot drinks and little meal, but crew bring snacks and fruits for everybody to eat.
    • It’s good idea to have own snacks and little fruits (”emergency food”) always with you, no matter what kind of trip are you joining. This is because cooking may be delayed or you might get hungry before food is planned to be ready. At the Sea schedule changes are common.
    • We prepare food always together on longer trips, if others not mentioned.
    • We serve & cook only vegetarian food in the boat. Please note this when bringing food / own snacks in the boat. (However, you may bring a little bit of meat if it does not need to be cooked in the boat’s kitchen).
  2. There is a little and cute toilet in the boat. However, due very limited ”black-water” capacity, the nature or harbor facilities are our best sanitary.on long trips. It’s much like when hiking in forest, or canoying at the archipelago – you have no toilet there, either?
  3. WASTE MANAGEMENT: We follow ZERO-WASTE -ideology on the boat as much as possible and practicable. That means that we do not gather much litter from the Crew in a common rubbish. This means being aware of what to bring with you to the boat – you might need to take care your own litter and save them yourself. However, on the contrary, we arrange from time to time ”Clean The Beach” theme sailing trip events.


  1. The boat is our home and common space. We respectfully request everyone stepping on our boat to understand and value this.
    • We enjoy freshness: we do not smoke, snuff or use any other intoxicants or substances on boat. Smoking is littering and bad for other life around, also on islands we visit. On longer trips, if these things are absolutely necessary for your survival, respect the nature and collect your thrashes away and use your own travel-type close-able ashtray.
    • We care and love: Alcohol is nice to enjoy at the sauna or island after sailing. At the Sea, however, the use of alcoholics are restricted. Please do not bring festive amounts of own alcoholics on the boat without our separate agreement (a few beers for sauna and meals are well o.k.!)
  2. During cruising, all the responsible related the boat and voyaging is on the Skipper. You are, however, responsible on your own condition and understanding these guidelines and/or other commands during the trip.
    • The boat is easy to handle also by the Skipper alone. Follow guidance only as you understand them and notify the Skipper if you are uncertain of the plan!
    • We reserve the right for any changes to the plan, route, schedule etc. due weather or compared reasons, also after the trip has started.
    • When cruising, please note that life-vests or any other safety orders and gear are mandatory to wear, any time when requested or conditions require so. There are life-vest for all crew (few sizes for children too – contact for details) and we provide sailing gloves as well for you.
    • You participate and are in the boat within your own responsible. The contribution does not cover insurance for crew.
  3.  We photograph & may film our voyages and keep the right to use the photos in public i.e. on our social media, on our web pages, publish on magazines or on any other media. Please let us know if you absolutely do not want to be presented on the photos or videos – it’s your responsibility to let us know that if you wish not be photographed or presented in the public in photos!
  4. When coming to sail, we assume you are familiar, follow and understand these guidelines. We have the right to remove any person who’s more than once not following the guidelines or requests of the skipper to the nearest or next harbor, by the full cost and responsibility of the removed person. Weather estimation is on the shoulders of the skipper – only rain is not a reason to cancel the trip by us!
    • Whenever misunderstanding or disagreement should arise, we always try to find beautiful and harmonic solution for all parties (consensus solutions) so that relationship with people and nature could stay pure. Not such a situation came up yet, where this would not have been the case.
  5. Welcome to sail! I hope you enjoy the trip and get a lot of it! There will be life vests and sailing gloves provided for loan in the boat. Else how, equip yourself with warm clothes, cheerful mind and.. let’s go to find a treasure! 🙂

Sailing – Sharing – Safety – Beauty & Art in the world!

Thank you for the interest – each voyage is unique and an adventure on the hands of the Creator!

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-Jasper / Captain