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Sailing gives you practical skills, beautiful landscapes, team-challenges and relaxed free time. Meanwhile, it might be the spark to fire up new ideas and bring refreshment for you n’ your team.

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We charter birthdays, family trips, try-outs, teaching, voyages to famous islands such as Seili, Utö, Isokari, Vepsä and so on.. Just let us know how many, where and when you want to go!

During 19.6. – 31.9.20 economy class departures from Nauvo.*
*Deluxe trips can request leaving port from Turku or elswhere but prize will include a travel fee for us & the boat there.

Each trip is unique and made for your needs.

  • Lunch / meals offered (belongs in the prize)
  • Day sails up to 8 people
  • 2 visitors / cabin, 2 cabins = 4 for over night stay (2 couplse). Both ”bunks” have a ”boat wide” bed
  • Deluxe class includes sheets and towels , yet you can request freely port of departure around the Turku /Pargas archipelago (Nauvo/Turku) – economy class is for a smart budget for people willing to do a bit more.
  • Each sailing includes teaching
  • You will be active member of the Crew, including shared tasks as navigating, steering, sail handling, cleaning* etc. (*Deluxe class we will take care of all essentials)
  • The skipper is a professional mariner, working on merchant vessels as Navigating officer, experienced ”personal sail trainer” graduated for a Sea Captain from an UAS 2019
  • Starting at 350e / day
  • * Deluxe sail = more in comfort, more enjoyable, more for your lovely dreams. You dont have to worry of cleaning or making bed; we will do this for you if you order a ”deluxe set”.
  • Smart economy sail = still enjoy, but you will also see the tough side of a boat life, by all the shared daily tasks! 🙂

A Day Sail

  • Up to 8 people
  • Lunch offered
  • 10am to 16 or 20pm
  • Low season: 400e / day
  • High season: 700e / day
  • From Turku or Nauvo*

*might need to be ordered as Deluxe during high season
* depending on the season, port of departure varies. Low season = Turku / High season = Turku or Nauvo

A Weekend Sail

  • Also during week days
  • 2-3 days / nights
  • Starting at 350e /day
  • Couples for a birthday trip
  • Visiting great islands such as Seili, Pähkinäinen, Katanpää castle-ruins, natural paths and many others!
  • Comes with a sauna / desert island option

A Week Sail

  • 4-7 days
  • Great for couples or two groups of up to 4
  • Multiple options for a sail destination around the great wide archipelago
  • Famous story-full islands as Jurmo, Utö, Örö, Nötö, Kökär, Högsarå, Aspö, Gullkrona… and many more on the way! Also Åland Islands are our area
  • Starting at 1400e / sail

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Good To Know

We are not racers, nor the boat is alike a performance, and all fancy stuff is out. The boat is relative heavy (8,5 tons), but stable and having a safe feeling of well-made ocean cruiser. So do not expect the fastest speed, or the finest tuning of the sails and rig like you would expect when racing; we merely enjoy it all in peace losing a knot in speed, but enjoying cosy feeling and awareness in our cabin.

Our boat and experience rules (Terms of Service) whenever joining, you must read and comprehend the following: Good-To-Know.

We sail also during the winter – ask more for an extreme ”Off-season” sailing opportunities!