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Sailing gives you practical skills, beautiful landscapes, team-challenges and relaxed free time. Meanwhile, it might be the spark to fire up new ideas and bring refreshment for you and your team.

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We charter birthdays, try-outs, business sea-visits, sail teaching, mile building, archipelago sail-&-travels, and so on. Explore islands such like Seili, Utö, Jurmo, Örö, Vepsä and so on.

Let us know…

  • How many are you ( from 2 to 7)
  • Where and when you’d like to go
  • Nature of trip: birthday, sail training, business meeting, traveling or other

Each voyage includes: meals, (lunch, breakfast, dinner, evening snack as suited), a cook, familiarization (min. 1 hrs), sailing gloves & life-jackets for loan.

Sail training trips include additional ”deck- & sail work” familiarization (2 hrs) before departure, and when overnight, additional training tasks where the base will be in practical side of things and in mentality ”learn by doing and experimenting.” You will also have my lecture material available online before the voyage.

If needed, there will be additional deck hand assisting in the training.

The boat

SY Fareata – steel hull, 34 ft long, 8,5 ton sloop sailing boat with Bermudan rig and 56m2 of sail area. Capacity for max. 10 people, but taking only 7 visitors for cruising + skipper and his cook / assistant deck hand. Stable, safe, perfect for sail training and chartering voyages at the stunning archipelago. The boat is isolated and well spaced inside, making her well suitable for all year-around living and sailing.

The Skipper

Jasper Armanto, passionate seaman and sailor, being at the sea since 2011 and during 2016-2020 had nearly 400 students and chartered visitors passing through his boat that he trained and taught. Master Mariner, Sea Captain (graduated 2019 from Novia UAS, Aboa Mare, Turku, Finland), working on board ships, Navigation Officer with wide set of certificates and licenses for maritime leisure crafts and professional positions. Check his Boating CV here ->

Each trip is unique and made for your needs.

  • Lunch / meals offered (belongs in the prize)
  • Day sails up to 7 people
  • Over night 2-4 people: 2*2 wide berths (4 people in 2 cabins / two-size beds), cabin separated by a curtain.
  • Over night 2-7 people: you will have to book additional cottage (or use tents) for your own for sleep overnight in the island (consult the skipper always first on this).
  • Starting at 790e / day
  • Contact here or here (Doerz)

A Day Sail

  • Up to 7 people
  • Lunch & dinner offered
  • 10am to 16 (half day) or until 20pm (Full day)
  • Low season: 600e / day
  • High season: 790e / day
  • From Turku or Nauvo

A Weekend Sail

  • 2-4 ppl on board accom. // 2-7 ppl for a cottage
  • Also during week days
  • 2-3 days / nights
  • Starting at 600e /day
  • Couples for a birthday trip
  • Visit great islands such as Seili, Pähkinäinen, Maisaari, Katanpää castle-ruins, natural paths and many others!
  • Sauna, desert island and evening bonfire included

A Week Sail

  • 4-7 days
  • Great for couples or groups up to 4
  • Multiple options for a sail destination around the great wide archipelago
  • Famous, historical and story-full islands such as Jurmo, Utö, Örö, Nötö, Kökär, Högsarå, Aspö, Gullkrona, Bränsskär, Åland Islands and so on!
  • Starting at 600e / person

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Good To Know

We are not racers, nor the boat is alike a performance, and all fancy stuff is out. The boat is relative heavy (8,5 tons), but stable and having a safe feeling of well-made ocean cruiser. So do not expect the fastest speed, or the finest tuning of the sails and rig like you would expect when racing; we merely enjoy it all in peace losing a knot in speed, but enjoying cozy feeling and awareness in our cabin!

Our boat and experience rules (Terms of Service) whenever joining, you must read and comprehend the following: Good-To-Know.

We sail also during the Winter – so called Off-Season sails! Check here what it means! ->