Experience, only real Capital

Sailing gives you practical skills, beautiful landscapes, team-challenges and relaxed free time. Meanwhile, it might be the spark to fire up new ideas and bring refreshment.



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Please note the tickets (spots) for more than 1 day trips are sold on ”1 reservation / 1 cabin” principle. 1 reservation (spot) for a cabin may have a couple (2 persons) or a single person (1 person) joining. So you will whether have a cabin for your own (if you join alone) or share it with your own friend if you join together with the same reservation.

* The price includes support for arranging the trip and cover for the supply, food, port fees and other costs of the trip. Please do note, we do not have any official charter organization or such beyond. With us you sail as you’d sail with your family or friends – as a crew, with your own responsible.

If you wish to charter a boat by more official ways in Finland, please visithere or here


Join an Open trip or let’s plan a voyage together with your needs!

  • Join as a Crew member – learn and active sailing
  • Day try-outs, weekend cruises and Nature Park adventures – harbors near the coast of Turku (Parainen /Pargas archipelago)
  • 34 ft steel hull ocean cruiser s/y Fareata provides a robust touch to sailing
  • We teach and guide you from a professional seafaring background and enthusiasm
  • For example, birthday picnics and meetings with good veg food provided by us
  • 2 to 8 people for a day; 2 to 4 for overnight
  • Book though Doerz or contact us directly
  • Inquires: how many people are coming? Shall we serve food or you bring your own? What dates suit you the best? If you are less people, may we invite others to join or not (may make it a bit cheaper for you?) Contact by best means for you.
  • Please check our Good To Know -details before booking or inquiries

Open trips are open for everyone to join. We inform about them on our social media and on our trips’ messaging list. Sailing schedule as open trips will be published on Doerz as ”events” for early bookings. Spontaneous trips are announced at our sailing trips messaging list on telegram / WhatsApp, because the call is very fast – within three days or so!

Join sail trips messaging list on Telegram / WhatsApp!

  • Get fast-call invites for sailing trips
  • Cheaper than private voyages
  • All kind of trips where is space left will be announced
  • Harbors away at the archipelago mostly reachable by the ”Archipelago buss” (1-2 hrs) from Turku, or with a combine the buss and free ferry ”Eivor” to reach distant islands (we will assist with the travels on/off boat, but travels not included in the price)
  • Easy and free to use! Follow and just contact us when suitable trip comes ahead!

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Charter Sail

  • Join as a Crew member
  • Day and overnight trips
  • Birthdays or meetings with a good veg food provided by us
  • 2 to 8 people for a day; 2 to 4 for overnight
  • Book though Doerz or contact us directly
  • Let us know: how many people are coming, shall we serve food or not and what time (/dates) would you like to come

Furthermore, we will:

  • Teach & guide you. There will be me (Jasper) and my wife (Keiju) on board. She will assist you with the cooking and services, I will help you out to sail.
  • Familiarization (1 hrs before departure) included in every trip.
  • Possible to learn as much as you can about sailing, boat handling, navigating, ropes or knots – ask for a practical ”try-out” lesson!
  • Please check our Good To Know -details before booking

*Note! We do not do offer official chartering nor have any organization beyond us. We are individual persons curiously inviting you to sail with our private leisure vessel. The prize we ask is reasonable support for costs as port fees, food, loan equipment used, possible accommodation on boat, our work for planning and organizing things etc. This support helps us also to keep the boat going on and offer the alternative way of sailing for larger group.

For official Charter Business Corporations in Turku and Finland, we ask you to look here or here.


Day trips

Mainly from Turku center (the river) or at Saaronniemi beach, Ruissalo (Turku), 5 to 7 hrs, 2 to 8 people. We will teach and familiarize you to sailing and boat handling. Regarding your wishes, we can do more about ”learning by doing” or enjoy and let the wind take care of the cruise. Beautiful hand-made Diploma can be made for you with your sailing face after the sailing (not incl. in the prize).

Many international groups came to us asking for such sailing experience. It’s a brilliant way of spent time together and learn new. Sailing requires team work spirit and skills!

340e…460e depending on the season, no. of people and the situation. Food most often by ”common served table” – everybody brings something! We offer mainly warm tea (or cold drink/smoothie) and some sort of commonly gathered vegetarian meal during the cruise.

Overnight voyages

Adventure at one of the most beautiful and unique archipelagos in the world? We love to guide you there! No matter if it’s somebody’s birthday, a marriage trip, holiday… we can give you the best advises on places to visit and how to move there. Together we will plan the route and destinations according your wishes. There are thousands of desert islands and natural harbours, and harbours with idyllic village surrounded, sauna and swimming, history, natural trails…etc. A lot to choose!

As part of the crew, you will be attending to certain tasks on board during your stay: cleaning, house-work, airing beds, cooking… as much as help in the actual sailing part: navigating, steering, sail handling, ropes… etc. No worry, we will be there and together we help things out!


We try to make it fair and equivalent, but it all depends on the type of the trip, how many you are (2 or max 4 for stay-overnight in boat), what do we offer and where do we aim to go. Good estimation is 300e/ the first day, +250e the second, third and rest.

Good to Know

We are not racers nor the boat is alike, and all fancy stuff is out. The boat is heavy (8,5 tons), stable and safe ocean cruiser. So do not expect fast speed, or the finest tuning of the sails and rig; we merely enjoy it all in peace.

We live in the boat throughout the year (also in the winter when the sea frozen). So we invite you in your home, which why there also is some sort of rules. Before booking, please see here: Good To Know – boat guidance.


No money? But still up to join?

Chat with the captain how could you join and give your effort for the boat. Follow us on the sailing trip channel on telegram ( https://t.me/fareata ) and on  facebook- page to get cheap sailing invites.


”Sailing is like a 24/7 real life ”Escape Room” -Game; continuoes awareness to ever-changing environment, to wind, into itself of the Nature… it’s fascinating. Learning new skills, all the time, skills that would work for navigating wherever on the Globe… Magnificent! Sailing makes me relaxed but challenges time after time; it’s never enough. At it’s best, it is something totally refreshing, totally creating new, really valuable experience and change to my ordinary day.”


Before voyage, Remember to :
  1. Ensure your trip on/off boat (if not Turku harbour, see archipelago ferries& buss timetables)
  2. Check the gear list & other essential information. Make sure Your whole crew have read the instructions, accept them and are aware of all provided issues regarding the trip!
  3. The boat: S/Y Fareata ->


Contact for more info

EMAIL artsailtraining@gmail.com
PHONE Jasper  +358 50 4690646 ( Telegram & Whatsup in use).




Sailing gives you to learn practical skills, beautiful landscapes, team-challenges and relaxed free time. Meanwhile, it might be just the spark to the fire up your ideas and refreshment