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Preparation for the trip

Coming to sail? Great!

Here’s a few things to check out before the voyage:

Sailing is an extreme-sport. Careful preparation on weatherproof clothing (warm & wind-proof) is essential for a successful trip. Check below what is needed and maybe what not. Consult Jasper in case of questions, +358 50 4690646 (also Telegram & Whatsup).

  • Confirm the where & when to step on board. Be aware that sudden changes at the sea is possible. Listen your phone, and also report about your sudden changes. Contact the boat ASAP by phone in case of urgent changes on your side
  • Travel on / off boat (overnight voyages, if not at Turku) -> Check the ferry & bus schedules at the archipelago , if buss travel needed.
  • Sign-in your details for the manning list
  • Good to Know When coming on the sailing trip, we assume you understand the restrictions and limits of what we do, and have read and comprehend the general guidelines provided (link ”Good to Know”).


Here’s what you need for…

  • A waterbottle (glass ones only covered)
  • Sunglasses (UV-cat 3. and a string to attach it to your head – glasses are the first thing to drop down the sea !)
  • Warm & windproof:
    • Hats against sun and for cold winds
    • Scarf and another (puff is very good)
    • Jacket and warm under/top wear. Most people tend to underestimate the cold effect of breezing wind. At the sea it’s much colder than on land, and it’s all day being out in the wind!
  • Light shoes for sailing. Flip-flops/Crocks are good in harbors, but not to use under sails. Rubber boots are superior in any case of rain (we don’t have spare ones).
  • Sun cream (class 50+) or tomato ”sose” for breakfast
  • Swimming towel & swim-pants (just in case…)
  • Checklist for the Cold  / Winter Sailing!



Overnight Voyages

Things you need more when coming for a night or more:

  • Flashlight or (preferably) Head-light
  • A Sleeping bag & sheets (sleeping in the boat)
  • Your own hygiene systems and little towels for hand, face, butt, what ever you may need…
  • Spoon & cup for your dishes
  • Tent / hammock if you like to sleep outside during the trip. (Not necessity.)
  • Cash for sudden surprises, things, way-back travels, for the boat etc. (a good sum about 100 e in different size of coins & papers. Archipelago buss will not accept credit/debit cards).
On- / Off board Travels

See the list of public transport ports, ferries and timetables around the Nature Park Archipelago, Ålands and Turku Seas.

Electrycity on Board

There are basically no electricity for the visiting Crew on board. There are, however, one 75 kw solar panel producing electricity for our essential needs, which goes mainly to navigating instruments and our essential work. So electricity is very limited outside harbors. You may still take your own USB- charger along in case you can charge your phone, and while staying electrically fitted harbors, there’s normal 270 V inputs available.

These things we have for all on-board:

  • Life-jackets (40 kg -> 90 g)
  • Sailing gloves to use
  • Only a few rain jackets – not for all  – and no spare rubber boots – take your own rain clothing when coming for over night voyages!
  • Real Escape-Room Living Game, PASSION and adventures at the Sea!

Sailing is a complete adventure. Follow your dreams