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Join our Sailing Voyage Calling List!

Why? Because this is the fastest and safest way to let you know about our sailing plans and open crew positions!

Telegram: Join on the Telegram Channel using this link (on your chatting device).

WhatsApp: Join on the WhatsApp group using this link (on your device with WhatsApp installed).

Please comprehend our Good-to-Know terms of service before signing in to any trip! 🙂 There will be 20-30 invites for our trips during the summer months and you can make the channel/group silent too. Some messages are short notice trips, leaving the next day or so, and there will be trips from one day to 6 days all at the Finnish archipelago (no open sea passages).

Please, check our Schedule for 2019 also ->

Traditional Messaging List not in use. Imessage group will be formed soon. Join below (we recommend WhatsApp or Telegram groups):

Some trips are short-notice trips that require fast action ie. leaving the next day. To be ready, check our Good to Know info already.

You join this list and give your details on our own responsibility! You can leave the list any time by contacting us on a message (or leaving the channel on Telegram/WhatsApp). We keep our rights to cause failure/ interrupt in case of technical or other problem, and may stop using the list any time if we find it unpractical or harmful. The list is in test use and we improve the service continuously, with all the limited resource we have.

Contact us for feedback, ideas or other things–>

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