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My dream

My dream is to sail around the world. Today, I’m preparing for it as much as sailing for the full of the heart, in one of the world’s unique places – in the sea of hundreds of thousands of islands.

Art = sail photographs, videos, diploma, artistic way of living
Sail = sea, waves, sails, nature, living in a boat,
Training = learning always, develop, martial arts & workout

I am passionate sailor, and mariner for my profession. I love to share what I love to do. There are no organization behind us or me – we are private people doing what we see is good and in harmony with the environment. The financial support that we ask from the trips are used 100% for the maintenance and supply of the boat. Read more ->


Furthermore, I invite you and your best friends, family or company team to sail with us! My hearty friend Keiju will be there cooking and helping things below the deck; I am on the deck letting you to hoist the sails! No worry, I am master to guide first time try-outs, and my wife Keiju’s meal will melt you tongue!

On longer voyages, we love to stop by idyllic islands, maybe staying a day at desert rocks just training, exploring, going around the island and doing some internal research on ourselves with the crew ie. with dream-sharing-circles. One day we will go further, and valid crew we find now may be valuable once we set sail for good to really high seas!

Time to join and learn is now!

You can request a trip also through Doerz, local experience provider. See the video that they made of us above!

With us you sail like you would with your family or friends. Great company and delicious food. While having fun!

Sailing Examples:

A day, weekend (2-3 days) or a week (4+ days up to 7 days) at the sea, for you and your team/friends. We sail around Turku & archipelago sea, sometimes reaching a bit further as Ålands or so. Live through a fantastic experience with the waves, get your relationship deeper to your team members or just hang around a different kind of a day! Read more about here ->

For a day max. valid number of people is 8, over night on board 4.

Spontaneous Calls

Low-cost, maybe instant and spontaneous calls for sailing trips nearby archipelago waters. Get on these trips by joining our text messaging list and following us on our facebook- page. By joining the text messaging list is very fast and functional way of alerting you about the soon-coming open trips with most essential info provided.

Join sail messaging list ->


What to expect?

The trip begins great in advance with chatting details & preparation through. It’s not a big issue, but little details need to be checked before voyage. A day experience is naturally much lighter in preparation than over night voyages. You can read more about preparation here ->.

”Imaginary views, desert islands, treasures and challenging situations.. that’s what sail voyaging is about. When I give my everything, and success, that’s wordless experience. And environment is living; it’s moving and changing all the time! Nothing stays never as it was; a moment ago and whatever it was, it’s gone. It’s never stopping, movement. It’s like breathing the air; swell and waves! It’s living in the movement of the sea. That challenges to let itself go, and surrender to Wind and Nature. That’s why I love sailing, it challenges me time after time. Every moment is so new, always a new situation. Learning so much. Look the horizon; everything is in change.” ~ Keiju / The Main Crew, Cook


Sailing brings together the beautifulness of Nature & Life to bare, pure rough skill And action in the being itself.


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Sailing gives you to learn practical skills, beautiful landscapes, team-challenges and relaxed free time. Meanwhile, it might be just the spark to the fire up your ideas and refreshment!