Cold Season Sailing

Try your limits
in the Extreme Conditions




Weather proof clothing = All over Warm & Water proof

Get yourself ready for the so called Cold Season Sailing!

The most essential thing is to keep yourself warm, so a little checkout to clothing is good.  It’s good idea to think as if you’d go to climb high to snowy mountains or do some other windy sea-sport. The same principle on clothing goes along sailing: no leaks from neck or hands are a must, and warm woolen hats covering ears, thermo-isolated gloves, multiple-layer heat underwear clothing, wind- & preferable also waterproof layers as the top. Sunglasses is good idea; or even snowboarding glasses if rainy. Thermo-shoes (as goretex) as alike.



The basic rule says, you must get clothes on before you get cold. Afterwards, it’s too late. There’s no warm places around to get yourself quick & nice heated again.

Another rule is, keep yourself ”overheated”, if there’s risk for fingers & toes getting cold. By doing that, your body has ”extra” energy to put in your out-most body parts as to toes and finger-tops. By keeping the center of body slightly overheated, it’s easy for your body to spread it around so your fingers stay warm longer also.

When frozen degrees are expected, wear like you would go to Antarctic.


During sailing, we serve hot tea and keep warm water for additional cups & such use instantly available in thermos. It’s good to be well-eaten and make yourself as comfortable as possible. Bring snack for common table, and other fresh food as agreed.

IMG_9296 - this one.JPG

You get sailing gloves for loan on boat, but you may need your own woolen, thin finger-gloves underneath to keep them really warm over time. In extreme situations, another pair of big snowboarding-type gloves on the most top has had good results in keeping the hand warm, and ready to do tie knots alike. Remember spare ones – wet ropes make gloves easily wet & cold. Gloves from fishing industry may be a good choose.

Sailing at the empty sea… it’s magical. Nobody there, alone, and the horizon, where sun is just rising up for short Greetings before going down again…

In summary, bring along:

  • Gloves under & top of sailing gloves (sailing gloves you get loan if needed)
  • Weather-proof spare gloves (for other tasks than ropes)
  • Water-bottle,  cup for tea
  • Weatherproof clothing overall:
    • Double pair of pants, scarfs, Hats, winter-sockets, winter boots etc…
  • Head light with good battery – it’s getting Dark early at the Sea
  • Adventurous mind
  • Your own sitting isolation-seat (save your butt) if have one.
  • Remember to check General instructions as well, as for all trips!



Lates but not least, there are a good article about Winter Sailing in the Finnish waters, written by Terhi Jaakkola. Check it out (available only in Finnish!) especially, good pics for clothing!;)